Learning How Beautiful Life Can Really Be

21 12 2008

This week has finally led to some good, positive, and stress relieving changes.  I truly believe that things happen when they are supposed to and that when you keep your hope and faith, good things will happen as they should. 

On December 31st, 2008 at 2:15pm mountain time, I will be heading into court to get my deeds done and over with , might I emphasize FINALLY at the end of this.  Most of my good friends know of the events that also led up to this and what I am referring to, and I am grateful that they are here, that’s why they are called FRIENDS.  In order for this  to proceed, I had to see what was really important to my happiness.  No amount of money is worth exchanging for your happiness, remember that.  Peace of mind is priceless.  To put my mind at ease, my relationship, and to move on with my life is worth so much more! 

Life really can be full of happy surprises as well.  Today I went to a church with my good friend Indi.  This was no specific religion, but she considers herself a christian.  Now, I grew up in a catholic church where things were always done methodically and repeatedely.  I guess I wanted to know the main difference between the two.  It’s strange, but after all those years, I really did not know what I was believing.  Well, as a catholic, I was believing that my good “works” were going to get me to heaven.  When would I have time for anything else?  Well, as a Christian, just by realizing that God sent his son, who died for our sins, and accepting him into our lives, we are saved and will go to heaven.  Does that just not sound too easy?  Well, it’s not for everyone, but I know for a fact I’m going to heaven when I die 🙂  I’ve been reading a book series called “left behind” and I’m on book #7.  If anyone has time to read these, its a must, especially if you have a fear of revelation or what may follow.  (I’ll be long gone before then though, I like previously stated).    All these things are subjects I have been thinking about for years as it was.  Now I’m just much more sure about where I want to be in life.  Its exciting but frustrating at the same time when you want everyone around you to realize what you have realized but you have to have the patience for them to realize on their own.  

You take life differently when things are going right or wrong, and like I stated, things happen when they should.  When you take time for what is important in life, good things come your way.  My businesses are doing better, my friendships are getting stronger, and my family life is amazing, as well as my health and well being.  Just keep striving for what you believe and live with HOPE that you were given.




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22 12 2008
Enjoyer of the Journey

Hello doll! Welcome to the blogosphere! I’ve swankified your blog but feel free to play around with it and change what you’d like. I added some people to your blogroll whom I thought you would like to keep in touch with. 🙂 Love you and we’ll talk soon!!

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