Resolutions of 2008, did they work?

30 12 2008

Looking back at an old blog, these were my resolutions or things I was going to try to do in 2008.  Kind of funny when I look at them.  My own comments at the end of this year are in parenthesis

1) Drink more wine.  I’ve started a wine journal and no matter how cheap or expensive, I’m going to sample wines and keep track of them in my journal.  I’ll make up my own methods of tasting wine. (I’d say I’ve tried about 5-6 new bottles, but all in all, I dont like the feeling the next day and I dont like drinking them on my own) 

2) Do not stress as much.  Things usually get done themselves, or get done eventually, and things work out.  Take a breath, or whatever I need (some wine) and relax.   (This has probably been the most sressful year of my life…nuff said)

3) Read a book a month.  This month….the Kite Runner.  If I get more than one then Bravo!  ( I excelled in this one, I’ve probably read close to 20 or so books this year!)

4) Not obsess over exercise and such.  I know I’ll work out, at least 5 days a week I do.  I try hard and still look good, no worries right?   (Um…I did a figure competition, again nuff said)

5) Pay off debt.  Its so tempting to buy even the simplist things…things I need, workout clothes, movies, a treat meal, etc…..but debt needs to go DOWN!   (This is still going down, little at a time)

6) Get farther ahead at Bally Total Fitness.  I would like to get established as a reputable trainer and then move up in the company by the end of the year.  Get a good foot in the door in 2 years time when it comes time to move.  (well, I am now an idependent trainer and bally’s is going out of business)

7) Laugh more.  Not that I dont….but more  (Oh yeah, Joey helps a lot with this one)

8) MORE PATIENCE…I’m getting better at this one…but I need more.  HELP!  (this will always be a constant battle…always)

I don’t think I will really be doing resolutions this year.  The way I see it, I’m always trying to better myself and really, who needs the extra stress of trying to live up to something you set?!  Yes I believe in GOALS, but those are different.  Just relax, laugh more, and enjoy every minute of your life, you only live once!




2 responses

30 12 2008
Enjoyer of the Journey

I just have to giggle because I can’t believe we posted about the same thing and didn’t even know it. So are you going to put some goals in place instead of resolutions this year?

30 12 2008
Enjoyer of the Journey

I think you’ve got spam mail steph…check it out.

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