My Mazda Mixup!

3 01 2009

Some of my close friends and family have already heard the bad news but I feel I need to vent.  On new years eve I had a LOT to celebrate!  As soon as I got home from all the court stuff I popped open a bottle of my favorite…Martini and Rossi Asti…mmmm Delicious!  newyears-002

I planned on spending a quiet, safe evening home, which I succeeded in doing.  Ordered the new natural pizza from pizza hut (highly recommend FYI) and snuggled next to my babe to watch Eagle Eye.  The night went on and it was time for the countdown.  Phil* (Joe’s brother) was running between our house and the neightbors who were partying. 

*For those of you not aware, Phil is living with us for almost 2 months at this point from Colorado to get his life straight, i.e. GED, job, save money, take care of his court classes, etc.  He just turned 18*

I fell asleep at 12:30 (I know, I’m old), Joey came to bed at 2:44 after falling asleep on the couch.  I got up in the morning and ate breakfast and noticed Phil was not there.  I thought maybe he fell asleep at the neighbors.  Well, took a nap and woke up and got ready to go see Marly and Me with Joey.  We were going to take a bike ride so I needed my sunglasses from the car, but could not find my car keys.  (insert traumatic music here)

My car was gone!  GONE!  Not Joey’s, his brothers, but MINE!  I called the cops to report it stolen.  Then we found out he was arrested and it was a DUI case.  (I felt a little pleased at this point).  Found out where my car was but we could not get it until tomorrow.  So I was glad my car was ok and he was in jail.  *Please note, he will no longer be living with us after this*

Friday morning, got lots of phone calls from USAA, my insurance company.  Turns out, my car was in an accident.  Here is the story.  I guess Phil was texting,  hit a parked car so hard that it, in turn, moved a whole car space and hit a truck in front of that car, rendering both undrivable.  Phil got out and ran, the people heard the crash and caught him and then called the cops.  HE RAN!!  He told his mom and Joe to tell me sorry and not to press charges!  This is one mistake that sorry will not fix.  He just turned 18 too.  So adult responsibilities come along with your adult mistakes.  I’m getting past the angry part and just working on getting what I need to get done, done.  I wont find out until Monday whether USAA will consider it totaled or fixable.  So until then, its time to relax.  I am putting a few pics up to show what happened.  newyears-009






One response

4 01 2009

I am confident this will all be taken care of and you’ll be able to move forward having learned another grave lesson: don’t leave your keys anywhere but attached to your forehead. 🙂

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