And the cat came back….

7 01 2009

On the hunt for a new vehicle last night, I get a random phone call from an AZ number and answer it.  Low and behold its Phil, Joe’s brother saying sorry, blah, blah, blah, I gave the phone to Joey right away.  He’s out of jail and at our house right now.  The amount of tension in the household cannot even be described to you.  He claims he was let go of all his charges (chuckle here).  I called the courts today.  He is just let go b/c they do not have enough evidence at this time.  He was driving w/o a license (on probation) and so they need to contact the state of Colorado to find out more.  It could be 2 weeks, it could be 2 months.  Therefore, he will have to go home and when he gets summonded, find a way back.  It is no longer in our hands.  I dont want him here, neither does joe.  The hardest thing right now is that he has NO WHERE to go, no family or friends to live with, nothing but the street and Joey does not want to do that to him.  I’m going through a hard time right now.  I do not trust Phil.  Whenever we are both gone, he is not allowed in the house.  So I woke up early and went to the gym for a long time.  Then I left again to go test drive cars.  I’ll be gone a lot the next few days if he is still here. 

I had to pay an extra $150 yesterday to the Phx police department due to the fact that my car was involved in a DUI, just so my insurance company can tow it away.  And USAA will not be able to tell me about the status of my car until fri or monday.  I need to know if my car is totaled, this looking for new cars is stressful and I want it over with!  To think this would’ve never happened if he neve r lived with us.  You put so much trust into people, and family, and I guess we learned our lesson. 

Its wearing on Joey and I, especially last night when he was back at our place.  I hate Phil so much that it put us both in a bad position.  I will forgive him someday….but that’s  along ways away.  In order for me to be forgiven for the things I have done I have to learn to forgive.  Why does it have to be so hard?  It would not be if he was not here, if I knew he was in colorado or better yet, locked up! 

Thanks for your support and friendship.  Wish me luck!




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8 01 2009

The only thing Oprah has ever said that has true substance: “Forgiveness means giving up hope that the past can be any different.”. These are the moments which are the most difficult…loving thy enemy. It is in this moment, when you are at your weakest and unable to forgive on your own, that you life your arms to God and ask for him to show you the way. He will teach you how to forgive and how to trust again. He will guide you towards a new car when He has found the perfect car for you. He will continue to love you when you fall down and get angry, and be there to soothe your angry heart when you get back up. I believe in you and love you soooo much!!!

8 01 2009

life = lift 🙂

I hate grammar issues

8 01 2009

One more thing and then I’ll be done stalking your blog. Because of your title, I thought you were going to tell us about how you had lost Chloe and he made it back!! LOL

okay i’m done stalking now 🙂

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