Oh the power of a truck!

8 01 2009

I wanted to post some pics of the type of truck I’m seeking.  Finding some pretty good deals and even test drove some yesterday.  Sad things is, USAA cannot tell me the status of my car until friday or monday.  Why oh why do they make me wait for these!

2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 crew cab 4×4, My # 1 choice!  Cant you just see me driving this one, sexy! 

2003 GMC Sierra 4×4

Those are my top 2 choices.  But if its meant to be it will happen.  Dont want to try to get a new one and then oops, USAA says my car is NOT totaled and I’m stuck with 2 car payments. 

So I’m sure some of you, ok probably not anyone but its cool, are wondering the status of “the cat”.  He is at our house until Monday.  Monday he is to take his GED, and, if he passes, join the army.  If he does not, he is to go to a shelter.  That is that, he put himself in this spot and we did all we could do.  He cannot move home and cannot stay here.  Pride is a big things to swallow and live in a shelter but its better than the street.  Maybe someone can help him there, more than we could.  Whenever one of us it not here, he is not here.  I left at 8am for the gym this morning, and now he is at the library all day.  Maybe he will get some studying done.  I felt bad not giving him a ride but legally, he is not even allowed to be here.  According to court papers, he is not allowed to contact any of the victims in his case, and well, Read “My Mazda Mixup” and you will see I am a victim.  So he is being offered more than he even knows.  I cannot wait for him to take his GED, I think he will pass it but he doubts himself.  We will wait and see what the studying brings….




One response

9 01 2009

I will be praying for your cat that he is provided all of the necessary knowledge he needs to pass the GED test with flying colors. May God teach him over the few remaining days leading up to his testing that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him…all other things will find him in a bigger heap of trouble than he is already in.

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