Smooth like a baby’s bottom

10 01 2009

I was going through all my products last month (and yes, as a girl I have a ton) and I decided I needed to refresh my skincare routine.  I used to sell Arbonne, but am down to just one or two of the products left.  I was contemplating using the Clinique skincare line b/c I have heard great things, but the cost of maintaining using those products would be pricey.  So with my Christmas money I hopped in my car and took a drive down to one of my favorite stores, ULTA.  It has anything from skincare, haircare, makeup, etc.  Basically its a girls best friend store.  So I wandered for probably and hour and put together quite the concoction. 

My goals are to keep my skin at the perfect hydration level while also preventing as much aging as possible.  My theory is if I start young, I’ll look young longer (hey, I got carded today for buying beer b/c the guy thought I was younger than 21). 

Maybe its the combination of the products and the location where I live, but what I have put together has never made my skin so soft and perfectly hydrated.  I can feel my skin improving for a smaller budget!  Who could ask for more right?  So, because I like to share my finds, I am sharing my new routine with you. 

For my skin cleanser I kept it cheap.  I used St. Ives Olive cleanser.  It has olive oil, olive leaf extract and sunflower oil and cleans my skin like none other.  Takes makeup off extremely well. 

My eye cream is Olay Regenerist Eye lifting Serum.  I’ve read lots of studies reporting serums are better for wrinkles than creams.  I agree fully! 

My day cream is Oil of Olay age defying anti-wrinkle daily lotion spf 15.  I need moisture here in AZ, I mean, its back in the 70’s already with no humidity. 

Night cream, let me state right now, AMAZING!  Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturing Treatment.  The smell puts you to sleep and it feels as if you had a facelift overnight every morning you wake up. 

And that’s it.  I didn’t want to make things too complicated and spend tons of money rebuying products left and right.  I highly recommend any of these products, especially the face wash!  Save your money.  You’ve seen the commercial for Oil of Olay regenerist night cream, it hydrates and prevents wrinkles just as well as the European one that costs $300.  But you don’t have to take my word for it…




One response

11 01 2009

What a nice setup you have going!! Did you read my cleanser series the included olive oil? It’s called the oil cleansing method, and involves EVOO and Castor Oil…I am working through some breakout issues but I think they happened because I stopped exfoliating a few times a week. I exfoliate with baking soda and it works wonderfully!! Read up on it!!

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