This one’s for the birds

12 01 2009

Can you believe that the Arizona Cardinals MIGHT make it to the superbowl?  Who would’ve thought that?  So sunday, the cardinals vs the eagles for the NFC championship.  Kind of nervous even though I’m not a huge cardinals fan, I have to rep my state!  Philly has a great defense, if you saw this past sunday.  Lots of business coming to AZ this weekend, yeah for the economy!  Too bad its not the Bears 😦

My car is starting to get repaired today.  $10,000 in damages, supposed to take 2 weeks.  Well, at least I’ll have a ton going on between now and then because…..

I’m going to VEGAS baby!  Yeah.  Thursday night Joey’s mom flies in from Chicago and we are going to vegas and the grand canyon.  WOO HOO!  Don’t worry, I’ll take lots of pictures for you.  I’ve never met Joey’s mom either so I’m stoked for this week! 

Which also means that “our cat” has to be out by Wednesday b/c his mom needs a place to stay.  Which is 2 days longer than was originally stated, b/c its monday and he has yet to talk to a recruiter or find out about the GED.  I think that is generous. 

So I’ll be pretty occupied, a great thing, and hopefully things will start looking up this week!




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13 01 2009

Have fun and take lots of pictures!! Love you!!

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