Having a heart

14 01 2009

These past few days have been stressful and full of more fight b/w the BF and I.  Of course you can guess what, or rather who it is about.  I am not a cruel person, no matter how angry I might be and yesterday have devised a rather nice, and extremely fair plan, regarding the circumstances. 

Phil has until January 31st to be gone.  Why the extended stay you ask?  I dont have the heart to throw someone into a homeless shelter with no money or anything.  Its only free for 3 days, after that, its $3/day.  He has until the end of the month to find a new job and work his butt off until the end of the month for as much money as he can make.  I am going to help him apply for food stamps, section 8 housing, the works.   This is IT!!  If he cannot find a job and get money so sorry for you, we extended your chance, take advantage of it!  Does this sound fair?  The same rules apply, no key to the house, be gone when we are not there, but hopefully he’d be working ALL THE TIME.  He is to help out MORE around the house with cleaning and I should never have to pick up after him, he is an adult now.  Since BF”s mom is coming in tomorrow night he has to suck up his pride and call the grandparents and ask if he can stay til tuesday morning (5 whole nights).  They might say no and then he will have to go to a shelter for 5 nights, maybe it will be a reality check again (as if jail was not enough, well it wasn’t, he got his same attitude 2 days after he got out).  I’m sure their rules will be worse than ours. 

I had a long talk with Phil’s mom, Joey’s step mom about all this, and I think she’s happy that he’s going to be allowed a little longer to save some money.  She may not allow him in their house and is angry as well, but he is her son and she is scared too.  He’s taking the GED today, keep your fingers crossed! 

On another note, I’m kind of shocked I have yet to pick up any new clients with the new year.  All my clients have people they said were going to come in or call me but does that happen?  Not all the time.  I’m putting ads up, passing out business cards here and there, etc.  good things come to those who wait?  I’m not stressing, things happen in time.  I have too many exciting things going on.  I have my friends and family to keep me up! 

Thanks for listening…




2 responses

15 01 2009

I am keeping you in my thoughts, Steph!! Love you!!

15 01 2009

Thanks my friend. Read the blog I just wrote now! I teared up

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