Adding to the family

15 01 2009

I’m so excited to meet Joey’s mom you have no idea!  She called at 6am this morning because she was so excited she was coming in tonight!  She even asked if she can stay a few extra days.  She was like, ‘you know i’d just like to read my book by the pool and relax’ so we dont mind!  We’ll be doing so much running around the first few days she is here it will be nice for her to relax as well.  I dont blame her either, she’s coming from Chicago where the temperature last night was -14, not counting the wind chill.  And its in the 70’s all week here!  (yes, be very jealous, I went hiking this morning too). 

Well, Phil did not pass his GED, he passed all but one section.  But he sure tried.  And with Joey’s mom here a few extra days its even tougher to find a place to stay.  He said he knows some people so I said ‘ok, then i’m not going to worry about finding a place.’  He’s a big boy now. 

But hey, I’m excited for my weekend!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!




2 responses

15 01 2009

When will he have the opportunity to re-take the GED? What part did he fail?? I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

15 01 2009

30 days to retake it. and that cost $15, but he wont be here so no ride or money to borrow. The writing skills part was failed. Thanks for the weekend wishes, I can’t wait!

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