You give what you get, what am I getting?

26 01 2009

WARNING: I’m venting just a bit here.

After talking to so many people last night about the living situation in our house here in AZ, I have come to realize even more (b/c I already realized a long time ago) how much I love my family and how great they are.  I do not see how people can disrespect their own family and expect them to still help them out.  I’m sure at this point you know who I am talking about.  You give what you get back, which I was I do not respect him and he gets none from me, I’ll yell at him and curse at him the same way he talks to his mom and dad.  How does that feel?  Who cares?  You don’t respect me, I won’t respect you, and he does NOT respect me.  Here are yet again a few more examples after countless others!

Joey and I got up and cleaned the entire apartment, music on, vacccum going.  What does he do, covers up and rolls over.  How many times have we gone over this one?  He has never taken the initiative to clean up after anything.  EVER.

While Joey’s mom is here, he is looking at dating sites and comes across a forum regarding would you pass on someone or F*^% them.  When the computer is not for recreation use at it is, so now, there is no internet at all for him.  And he’s the one to get upset at me.  This is the 3rd-4th time doing shit like that. 

I won’t call it necessarily guilt but Phil’s mom wants him to stay until he retakes his GED.  That means he would have to stay here, or where else?  She called me and spoke to me about it and told me I dont “have” to let him stay if I dont want to, I can kick him out.  Well, if that is not a slight pang of guilt I dont know what is.  I dont want him here and neither does Joey.  But alas, who are being nice again?  He is just a little leech.  No time to ourselves so we told him to be AWAY from home as much as possible.  Work, library, study and sleep, and clean.  ONLY JOBS, and stay away as often as possible.  Whenever we are home, he is always home.  We might leave for 4 hours, like yesterday, come back, and ten minutes later he magically appears.  Just when you think you might get some alone time.  We’re starting the locking door policy now for being alone 🙂 

You just think someone will improve themselves, knowing they are useless after being yelled at over and over and over.  You think a lightbulb would go off thinking “hey, I need to change” but he will never go anywhere or do anything but let people down, even his mom told me that. 

Thanks for listening and I’m about to get out of the house to workout for a couple hours just so he has to get out.  I’ve learned to be quite the bitch, something I’m not so proud of, but who’s fault is that?  And what bitch keeps letting him stay without even a thank you.




One response

26 01 2009

while your potential BIL doesn’t have all the class in the world, I KNOW YOU DO. keep in mind that it’s not your job to punish him…it’s God’s job. you being a *cough cough* bitch to him surely doesn’t exemplify the wonderful person we all know you to be. what are you getting out of all this, you ask? God is providing you the opportunity to learn how to perservere in the eyes of adversity in a manner which is Christ-like. Will it be difficult? As Sarah Palin would say, “you betcha!” But you have God, Steph, and the best thing you can do in this moment is starting showing compassion even to those you don’t feel deserve it, because when it really comes down to it they are the ones who need it the most. Does that mean you have to baby him and be treated like a doormat. Heavens no. But you can be loving and stern at the same time; your parents were like that with you when you needed them to be and you learned more than you wanted to learn that way. I love you and keep your chin up, lady. Things always get better as long as you believe that God is on your side.

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