Free at last, free at last!

27 01 2009

Due to some circumstances that came up last night, I dropped Phil off at the Greyhound bus station this morning and he is going back to Colorado.  Joey and I can go on with our lives with less stress.  Let me just show you a few lines from an email I received as to what made this decision final and quite easier to make:

1) “You’re all old enough to know what that means”-   Referring to what is necessary and what is not.  I’m pretty sure my parents taught me that a LONG time ago. 

2) “Given his past, when he started stealing booze you should have started putting things away where he could not get to them.  That includes your vehicle keys.  You know he lied and stole from us, so what makes you think it was going to be any different?”   -I thought he was trying to change and actually could be a human being who is decent.  I’m a very trustworthy person, I’m supposed to hide EVERYTHING in my house? 

3) “Joe just indicated that Phillip was indeed telling me the truth when you told him you didn’t want him there.  Joe just told me you don’t and that you were through with him too.  How sad.  I will not let you two blame me or make me feel guilty for the decision you made back in November to have Phillip come out there.”  – It’s not sad, I think its sad you think I’m sad.  Its sad that you have given up on your son, when I have given up on someone I hardly know.  No one can tell me how sad I am at something, b/c I feel good about it.  Its sad that you revert to calling people sad and prejudging them. 

4) “Right now I don’t want to talk to any of you.  I’d like you all 3 to read this and when you all think you can call with no yelling or lying let me know in the next few days.  If I don’t hear from anyone, I’ll have Gary call in a couple of weeks.  None of you have to talk to me again… this point I just don’t care” -’nuff said right there, I can do that!  Just shows you never really cared to be able to say something like that.  I’ve always said I love you and offered my love with never getting an I love you in return.  May the grace of God be with you b/c I’m not letting this portion of my life affect me anymore. 

An agreeement was signed stating what Phil owed by when and once that is done, its just as stated, its done.  Now Joey and I can concentrate on the loss of time we have missed, the intimate moments alone, and just being us and enjoying it with no worries.  God will grant me the chance to forgive eventually and rise above the next person or what people say.  Right now, its us time!




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27 01 2009

Incredible! It was never intended to feel like a “chore” to help someone out. On the contrary, you actually receive the blessing of being a blessing… to be a part of what made a difference in someone’s life or situation, truly that is what we are designed to be… of service to others… to give out of what we been given… to share of the lessons and hardships that we have endured. Unfortunately, because we are a fallen world, some of us, just aren’t there… at least not yet… not at the point that they can receive the blessing or even to recognize it while it is right there slapping them in the face. You set some boundaries, they were crossed, and so you enforced your “or else” option. LOL Nothing wrong with that regardless of what ANYONE says about it. Advice from our pastor, keep your eyes focused on the road ahead and not in the rear view mirror, cuz if you keep looking back, you will likely get injured. 🙂

Love ya! See you Thursday.

27 01 2009

It’s like ‘someone’ had to have the last word, like an immature child.
You did someone a HUGE favor, giving a second chance in someone’s life who you don’t even know.
I commend you for your attempt in trying to help someone better themselves, even though they failed.

27 01 2009

I’m sorry things turned out the way they did. I pray everything continues to work in your favor. Just remember to keep your sanctity with the Lord, Steph…He will always prevail as long as you work towards being a servant of Him. Love you!!

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