Sleeping Beauty will feel cleansed soon

29 01 2009

I do not know what the deal is but I have been tired this week.  Last night I slept 9 hours, and I got up and worked out and trained and then came home and crashed for 2 more hours.  I took a nap yesterday too after sleeping 9 hours at night.  My body is hungry for carbs, not craving, hungry.  I HATE THAT!  Maybe its destressing and refueling for life.  I’ve been eating healthy, drinking lots of water, I dont have much caffeine as it is and of course sleeping.  Maybe its my body’s way of fighting off a cold.  Who knows, but starting Monday things will change.

My bf Jeni at Enjoyer of the Journey called me and asked me if I’d like to do a little challenge with her called “The Master Cleanse.”  I bought the book, “Lose weight, have more energy, and be happier in 10 days” by Peter Glickman and read it cover to cover in one day to try to learn what was really going to go down (or come out, in our case).  So this 10 day cleanse will begin on Monday and we will be detoxing our bodies during that time.  I’m sure many of you  know that “gunk’ piles up in your intenstines and colon over the years and your physical and mental health goes down over the years.  Well, we are pushing that all out, detoxing our bodies, and restarting our bodies over again!  We will both be blogging about our experiences so please stay tuned.  Both excited and scared to see what is going to happen but we should feel great a few days in and beyond!  For more info check out The Master Cleanse Web Site.  Some results I hope to achieve with this detox:

1) No longer feeling sluggish or tired

2) No more knee pain without having to take supplements

3) The ability to resist eating so called “bad foods” and making my body crave good things

4) Less daily stress over unimportant things

So stay tuned folks and Monday February 2, 2009, the journey begins!




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29 01 2009

Eek I’m so scurred!! 🙂 Can’t wait, girly!!

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