25 Random facts about me

30 01 2009
1) I love Diet Dr Pepper.
2) I sometimes sneak in naps but don’t tell anybody.
3) My favorite Disney movie will always be The Little Mermaid.
4) I sometimes pretend I’m busy just so I can sit at home and relax with my BF or by myself and not do anything at all. 
5) I can’t wait to be a mom and sometimes wish I already was.
6) I hate the taste of Licorice, bleck!
7) Being outdoors in a quiet area is the one thing that makes me feel at peace with no worries.
8 ) I want to learn to ride a motorcycle and have my own Harley one day.
9)  I love to cook and am always trying new recipes.
10) I text message way more than I should, and even when I should not be.
11) I’m a Texas girl true down to the core, always have been, always will be.
12) I’m obsessed with nutrition and exercise, it’s my life. 
13) One of my favorite ways to destress is house cleaning.
14) Saying I love the color pink is an understatement.
15) I’m obsessed with body hair, and removing it, to the extent of laser hair removal!
16) I secretly wish I was a model.
17) I am very competitive, especially with board games. 
18 ) My sister is my best friend. 
19) I could eat chips and salsa every day, along with a margarita. 
20) I despise people who are cocky and think they are always right and the world owes everything to them. 
21) I still love jumping on trampolines and can for hours on end. 
22) I’ve never really been able to trust a man until I met Joey, now I never worry anymore about anything. 
23) I’ve always wanted to live near the ocean. 
24) I’m a huge sap and cry so easily at the littlest things. 
25) Despite hardships and things that happen in life, I tend to still be pretty optimistic about everything. 



3 responses

31 01 2009

thanks for sending these to me!! i hope you enjoyed making them up!! i promise i asked you to do this for a reason 🙂

31 01 2009
Leah Graves

“a whole new world” “thingamajig, i’ve got plenty” – steph, these are fun! i miss you, friend!

1 02 2009

I miss you too! Watching the big game right now, hoping AZ gets some good luck!

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