Cleanse Shopping

30 01 2009

After about 10 1/2 hours of sleep (and yes I’m still sleepy) I got up and decided to begin some good habits that I will have to enforce when this cleanse is over.  I squeezed my own grapefruit juice and it was yummo!  The first week after the cleanse I will be making my own juice (much cheaper than buying).  Good thing grapefruits and oranges are plentiful here, I’ll be able to pick them at Joey’s grandparents house.  Let me tell you, I ventured out to gather my first round of supplies and I was quite shocked. 

 I stopped at Sprouts first, one of my favorite stores.  They had Grade B maple syrup but I was quite sticker shocked.  12.7oz for $15.99.  Um, and I need how many total?  80?  Yeah!  I dont think so.  But they did have my smooth move laxative tea with Senna and even in chocolate flavor.  But I held off and ventured further down Bell Road. 

Next stop was Trader Joe’s.  Now we’re talking.  I got Trader Joe’s brand Grade B syrup for $13.99 for 25oz.  I got one for now.  I figure as it goes on I can buy more and not spend a ton upfront.  However, they did not have the tea I needed, so I went back to Sprouts and got the Chocolate flavored Smooth Move.  Why not?  That one box is enough to last 16 days.  For only $5. 

I got my other supplies at Fry’s (regular grocery store). 

Cayenne Pepper $.89/ounce (3 oz total)

Sea Salt with no iodine (already had and have plenty)

Still need to buy my spring water (8 gallons) and my lemons and limes (about 80 total, but split up during week to keep fresh)

So it look as if I’m almost all set now.  Monday, the big day.  Ready to go and geared up. yeah!!




One response

31 01 2009

i have to do all of my shopping tomorrow…eekgads!!

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