The Big MC-Day #2

3 02 2009

Let me start off by saying I dont feel as bad as some people I’ve read bout usually do.  Some people get tired, the tea gives them cramps, etc.  So far so good.  I said so far.  Day 2 and 3 are supposed to be the hardest. 

I ended up drinking 7 lemonades yesterday along with 10 cups of water or mint tea.  I find the lemonades make me thirsty so I drink a lot of excess water, also to quiet my hunger.  I find the tea refreshing and a nice change, especially the chocolate at night.  The salt water this morning was MUCH easier to drink.  I put it in a bottle and shook it today instead of stirring, think that makes a huge difference.  Just waiting now.  Getting my “business” done and then drinking my first lemonade and going for a walk today. 

Hunger is a huge issue for me.  I get hungry a lot, I can chug water and it will go away, but it comes back.  Not so much this morning, but yesterday was hard, and I kept smelling food and hearing about food and reading about it in emails, etc.  I hope today will be easier.  I’m thinking of the results and trying not to ruin this.  The hardest part was I made Joey a homemade (but healthy and low carb) chicken pot pie yesterday so he has dinners for a few nights that I dont have to cook (and he’s sick and its soup like).  It smelled SOOOO good!  no cooking today so we’ll see.  Keeping busy with housework, walking, and other adventures. 

On other notes, I came home yesterday and there were lillies on my counter!  Joey got me some and a card “just because”.  We played this little game Sunday and asked each other questions to answer about the other person.  Well, one happened to be favorite flowers so what do you know.  They are going to smell awesome! 

Also, I’m doing a little job hunting this week.  Shocked?  I  know.  I only have about 2 clients out of 9 that do mornings.  And its only 1-2 mornings a week.  Most of my training is in the evenings so why not just utilize that time and only offer those hours.  I’ve been relying on Joey’s extra money as backup for my bills.  I can’t do that to him anymore and we both get stressed.  We need to pay down some serious debt.  I’m always worried b/c I  never know when money will be coming in.  That is the hard part about being an Independent Trainer.  I dont think you realize how worried I always am.  I have no paycheck for sure to rely on for my car payment, rent, bills, etc.  It just depends on if people buy more sessions/renew or I get new clients, which is hard to do.  So I’m trying to find a place to bartend on weekends and maybe try starbucks or something for mornings.  I’m only in AZ for  8 more months so I should work my butt off to pay off bills and save cash so we can buy a house wherever we move to.  Its sad, stressful, and sometimes I just want to stay home and cry.  But I have friends, family, love and good health/education so we’ll go from there! 

I’M SO HUNGRY.  I dont crave bad food so I know I’m hungry.  I want apples and big salads!  They say you crave what you eat, well maybe I am.  And I’m a little tired, and  my muscles ache.  I hope this is the worst of it. 

I’ve been busy all day.  Applied at starbucks, coffee bean, its a grind, ulta, borders, sprouts, and I’m going to go by hurricane bay night club.  I really miss bartending and just want to make some good money like that and have a ton of fun at the same time.  We’ll see what happens.  3 more lemonades to go!




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