Job Placement! (Oh and the MC day 3)

4 02 2009

Good afternoon everyone!   I got a part time job waitressing at a bar I went to on Saturday night, was hoping to bartend but hopefully that will come up soon.  A little extra dough here does not hurt.  I train for a few hours tonight (*chuckles* train, like I dont know how to do that already).  If the job absolutely sucks, I’ll try somewhere else.  They want us to wear corsets, or “corset like” tops.  Folks, this is NOT a fancy bar AT ALL so I dont get why they want that, but we’ll see.  This weekend will be my first one, and I hope I dont have to stick it out too long before I can bartend, I hate waitressing. 

Did my sea salt this AM and went well, then I crashed for 2 more hours.  I was tired.  I tried to stay up later last night (which I did) b/c I’m going to be up later tonight, you know, trying to adjust my body to working late again.  Well, I still woke up early thanks to the tea and had to just get that over with and go back to bed.   I am having some slight effects with this cleanse.  My back aches a lot, it always has but I think the toxins are making it hurt as they release from my body.  At least I’m hoping so.  I think its also making me start my “monthly gift.”  I’ve been drinking about 3 cups of a day of this mint tea to make things different.  Yesterday I was STARVING!  I crave healthy food like apples and salads, which is a good thing at least.  Today I’ve had 2 lemonades so far (its 12:30pm) and I’m not that bad.  Drinking another at 2pm and another around 4pm, then 6pm.  That will be 5 at that point.  I’m taking 2 with me to the bar to drink while I’m working.  Should only be there a few hours so tonight will not be bad.  I really have to plan ahead for Friday and Saturday though.  Friday I work 6 to close (which I dont know when that is yet) so I’ll need to plan my day accordingly.  Thing that sucks is I train in the morning from 8-10, then I can take a SMALL nap b/c I have a Passion Party in Chandler with 30 people (yes, 30) at 2pm which means i need to leave my house by 12:30.  Should be home at 5 to get ready for work at 6 (to close, again, I’ll find that out).  AHHH!  Should make some mula this weekend!!  I just dont want to screw up this cleanse, which I dont think I will, but I’ll probably be drinking more than just 7 lemonades that I need on friday and saturday. 

Other than that, life is good.  Looking forward to possibly going to vegas again on March 4th when Joey’s best friend and wife go (we’ll meet them for 1-2 days).  March 19th is my Grand Canyon hike!  April my friend Liza might come visit me.  May I fly home for my sisters graduation!  Lots coming up to look forward to.  Still waiting to hear about an AM job, I’m all about working hard these last 8 months I’m here.  Debt free in 2009!




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