Cleanse Day 4/Grand Canyon Prep!

5 02 2009

Here we are now, day 4 and feeling better.  Still tired though.  It seems no matter what time I drink the tea, it goes into EFFECT at the same time every day no matter what.  6:30am I have to get up, so I might as well drink my sea salt flush and then go back to bed, only today, I could not fall back asleep, but I see a nap in my future shortly.   I might up my lemonades to 8 instead of 7 if I am still hungry, no harm in that.  This weekend (friday and saturday) I’m sure my count will be b/w 8-10 with my hectic work schedule.  No caffeine at all either!  Saturday is going to suck! 

So about 6 weeks until the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim.  I’m really getting down to the wire as far as preparation goes.  I’m trying to save as much money as I can.  The night before the hike we are staying in a hotel and the night after we are as well.  So I’m paying half of the hotel costs, half of the gas, half the entrance fee, and any meals the day before the hike and after.  I’ve estimated those costs to be about $250 before supplies.  I’ve devised a list of things I think I will need:

Backpack (which I bought one last night at Walmart for $30, way better than $100+ at Dicks or REI.  I’m only using it once, why spend a ton.  It has frames, lots of straps to wrap around the front, a place to hold about 3 camelbacks, sleeping bags, food, etc.  AWESOME! 

Sleeping bag-I’m borrowing from a client (how often do I need one)

Sleeping mat-going to get a PT mat from the px and just toss it when I’m done

Walking poles (walmart has them $20)

1st aid kit/knife/whistle-we have at home

Jacket-I have a nice tri layer columbia one so its good for 3 types of weather and a hat

Contact lens solution/medications/MOTRIN-oh yeah lots of this

Bags for my trash, bug spray, facial cleansing wipes, baby wipes, deodorant, toilet paper, sunscreen, face lotion

Camera, extra clothes/socks/underwear

Food: Trail mix, beef jerky, protein/energy bars, dried fruit, some dried meals I can add water to and eat.  Maybe a dinty moore meal I can open and chow on.  Utensils. 

If anyone can think of ANYTHING else, please let me know.  I want to be prepared but not too weighed down, after all I’m hiking almost 20 miles/day.  Oh, and my cousin has our tent, we are going with two married couples who have done this before and they have the map and compass. 

I can’t wait!  This will be so exciting!




2 responses

6 02 2009

i think i need to increase my drink intake as well. i have only been doing seven and i should have been doing eight. it has been hard for me to get the last one down at the end of the night but i wake up in the morning with a sore stomach because i’m really hungry.

don’t forget to pack sunscreen!!

6 02 2009

wait. nevermind. you already mentioned sunscreen. whoops! 🙂

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