Feeling the energy on Day #5 of the MC

6 02 2009

I awoke this morning, day 5 of the master cleanse, with more energy than I’ve had lately, at least not since Day #1.  I went for a walk this morning and felt so good that I ran the whole way back.  I could have kept running, but I could tell that if I did, I was going to be farther away and hungry.  I think I’m going to try again on monday as see how far it takes me.  The lemonades are getting easier and easier to drink.  I actually look forward to them and enjoy them.  They are becoming sweeter and yummy.  Strange I know.  My body is functioning pretty well now and learning how to deal with all this. 

I forgot to tell you:  When I started on Monday, I was 116lbs, Wednesday, I was 113lbs.  Going to weigh myself this afternoon and see where I’m at now. 

You probably won’t be reading anything from me tomorrow.  I work tonight until 3am then I work Saturday from 8am until 3am sunday morning, I’ll most likely be sleeping when I can and recovering on sunday.  Sunday is day #7, which is supposed to be a hard day.  I dont know.  I’m going to pick some lemons for my drinks and then oranges and grapefruits for when I can eat again coming up.  Saves a little money in that department.  I love fresh fruit, especially the kind you pick yourself.  You know there are no chemicals in that. 

I’ve also decided that when I get my tax return, I am ordering the Jack LaLanne power juicer deluxe.  Joey and I are each picking one thing we want, and the rest goes towards bills.  Here is what I decided on:











After this cleanse and seeing what comes out of my body, I really want to get one to start juicing at least once a day.  I love juice and always have, but I dont buy it b/c they add so much sugar.  Even the lower sugar versions still have too much.  This way, I know exactly what I’m getting in my juice, I can get all my vitamins and minerals, and feel good.  I’ve always said its best to eat as close to the earth as possible, meaning as little processing as you can.  I might even start shopping at Sprouts just a little more.  I love that store, I might as well.  It might cost a little more, but thats why I’m working more too. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  Enjoy your food wisely and think twice before shoving it in!




One response

6 02 2009

See?! And you said today was horrible!! You’ll be just fine Steph; you can do this!! Love you!!

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