Loads of luck coming my way!

12 02 2009

Lots of good news today:

1) I GOT MY CAR BACK!  Its pretty, but now I have to get it back into “Steph” shape. 

2) I got my plane ticket to go home to see my family and my sister graduate in may! I’ll be gone a whole week-woo hoo!

3) I got my state and Federal tax return (so did Joey) and we put a HUGE dent in our debt pay off plan! 

4) This ones little but, I got a new nail polish color-black vinyl-and its awesome (its the little things in life right?)




2 responses

12 02 2009

yay for all of this!! sooo…what exactly is steph shape? smell-goods from the rearview mirror? congratulations on being able to go home AND putting a dent in your debt…i do know how good that feels.

is black vinyl, black? do you use it on your toes only or also on your nails??

13 02 2009

Steph shape: Making the car look glam, smell glam and getting my radio/cd’s back into shape!
Yes Black Vinyl is black! Its the new color, at least on this side of the US. It looks awesome too. Either black or very dark blue or red so it almost looks black. But black is big and you know, it looks pretty good! Not even goth at all.

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