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16 02 2009

Good morning and happy presidents day!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I know I did!  It ended the greatest!  Stay tuned later today/tonight for an updated surprise (might not end up being until tomorrow, but we’ll see).  Here is a hint:


I worked Friday night but got off around midnight.  Got in my car and this is what I found:

A new steering wheel cover, twizzlers, my favorite iced tea, diet gold peak, and a card from Joey.  Perfect!  Not too valentinesey (flowers, candy, etc-I’m NOT that kind of girl).  He did that while I was at work!  What a doll.  I got to see him for 5 minutes on Valentines day.  I woke up before him to train clients, and had to be at work before he came home at night, but he stopped by to say hi to me at the bar, so yeah, 5 minute valentines day! 

One of my clients got my a calla lilly plant.  Purple and gorgeous!  I already potted that baby and put him up by the tv.  I love lillies and its funny b/c I either wanted a plant for valentines day, or a steering wheel cover.  LOL, best of both worlds! 

Last night Joey and I ate at one of my favorite places here, Four Peak brewery.  We met my cousin and her “man friend” John.  He is a great person and fun to hang out with.  I’m glad we met him and can’t wait to go up to his house in Flagstaff!  I wanted to have my hefeweisen, but I was so tired, if I had one, I would probably fall asleep.  I got the Grilled Chicken and beer bread…omg, it was awesome !  I could only eat half of it thought and I got a side of pasta salad, I have NEVER had pasta salad so thick, but it was sooo good~  so good that I had to do the tea last night and I’m waiting on the salt water flush to kick in this morning lol!  Told you, that was the one thing I was keeping from my cleanse.  When eating out and over indulging, use the laxative tea and night and salt water flush in the am.  Stay safe, keepin it clean 😉

Check back later!




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18 02 2009

for our engagement pictures jeremy and i are getting some on our motorcycle, so you’ll get to see how (again) we managed to be twinkies with our riding gear. how does this work all the time??!! love you!!

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