Get your motor running

23 02 2009

quads-005Took the quads out yesterday!  So much fun let me tell you.  I learned so fast, and Joey was so patient with me.  It’s probably a good thing I was still kinda sick b/c I was so relaxed and did not get frustrated.  The hardest thing for me to learn was trying to get up some hills.  They scare me but I WILL conquer them…eventually.  I think the best part about having these is we get to get away and it feels like we were on a vacation.  Its the same feeling when we used to go out to tuttle creek lake on saturdays and sundays.  You feel like you were somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of life.  Next week we’re going to even grill out there.  You can have campfires, whatever.  Lots of people like to race, but I like to go explore!  So yeah, we’ll go out again, chill and grill and watch a movie, then go out some more.  We dont have an RV but we can camp in a tent sometime!  Bringing out the kid in me!  Here are some more pics!





2 responses

23 02 2009

this looks so FUN, Steph. I’m glad to see you are having so much fun!

28 02 2009

aagh you look like you’re having so much fun!! you look gooood in that helmet lady!!

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