This damn flu bug…

25 02 2009

Sorry I haven’t been on in a few days, I’m still getting over what I think was the flu.  One week now and I’m ready for it to be over, seriously.  Its really drained me to the point where I’m sleeping 10-12 hours out of the day and still tired and sick.  Bleh!  I hope no one has to have this, but its been going around AZ like wildfire, and I think I got this from Joey. 

Because of that, I do not have much to write about, I just hope everyone is enjoying their week and I know many friends who are preparing for the Lent season.  I’ve always done lent b/c I had to, never really knowing why, or somewhat knowing, but never really sure.  I think as catholics we did lent b/c we were always seeking a way to get into heaven, ways to prove our love.  In my view, I feel that I do not need to give up anything or sacrifice anything to show my love for Jesus.  He knows me, I know I’m going to heaven, but I will continue to strive to live through his word everyday, like I already do.  I’m rooting for everyone doing something for Lent and I’ll be here to help you through it.  I have consulted my friend Indi who has been teaching me things and new ways and I feel comfortable with my decision.  I guess Lent is a choice, and I choose to participate every day of the year! 

Countdown til the Grand Canyon 3 1/2 weeks! 

My God mother will be in this week, stopping to see my cousin before heading to DC and I GET TO SEE HER!  Yeah!  So hopefully I’ll have even MORE good pics for you to see! 

Headed to a new location on sunday for 4 wheeling, Lake Pleasant here we go!




One response

28 02 2009

i hope you’re feeling better. it sounded like you were out and about yesterday so i’m guessing you’re energy is rebuilding. come over and play this weekend…we’re painting!! love you!!

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