Green thumb help!!

26 02 2009

In my whole life, I have only been able to keep one plant alive.  You should know the one I’m talking about, the viney one that NEVER dies and ALWAYS grows…in fact, I have two of those.  I broke a piece off of my original one and am growing another in a cup of water in my window right now.  Since I can keep that alive, why not look like I have more than one plant in the house and have a green thumb. 

plantMy client gave me a plant for valentine’s day.  Beautiful, purple calla lillies-the ones that look like trumpets.  I repotted it, give it water weekly, keep in near the window b/c it needs warmer temps and lots of light, and its wilting, slowly but surely. What am I doing wrong?  Why do I kill plants?  I mean, seriously, I’ve killed two bamboo plants..bamboo!!!  I really dont want these to die so please, any help would be great? 

That brings me to this…do any of you have something you wish you were better at?  Similar to my house plant situation, do you try to do something over and over and continuously fail at it?  Something you wish you were better at?  Maybe we can help each other out!




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28 02 2009

okay you have jenna’s e-mail address, so e-mail her for advice. remember…i killed a cactus too!! i am hoping to perfect my green thumb with this move into the new house because i’d really like to have a few nice plants around to add some fresh air to our surroundings, but i’m scared!! but jenna has a mean green thumb so get in touch with her!!

28 02 2009

hmmm something i wish i was better at…there a lot of things. currently mine would have to be crocheting. i keep trying to make a good scarf that’s even but everytime i get halfway done i realize that i’ve missed a few holes and the scarf is lop-sided…go figure…

28 02 2009

I could not even attempt crocheting. I commend you for doing that! Come to think of it, I killed a cactus too. LOL, YOu need to get the plant that i have, the one in the pic, I have not killed that one in 5+ years!

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