Summer has begun!

3 03 2009

I find it really funny that I got my first sunburn of the year and in some parts of the country there are snowstorms, and road closing, and power outages. 

80’s from now on, almost 90 yesterday!  And yes, I love to rub that in.  I have to endure 3 months of hell weather for 9 months of beautiful, gorgeous, sunshine and outdoor living!  Joey and I went out riding on Sunday and I put sunscreen on….on my arms and face and neck, etc.  (SPF 30 for those wondering)  Not thinking a thing about my legs.  I was wearing capris, who would think?  So the bottom of my quads and the back of my calves are a little red.  But Grandpa Strasheim has the solution! 

We went over to their house afterwards for some dinner (ham and beans and cornbread…to die for, literally.  I was full halfway through my first plate and still got seconds, I dont hold back with that stuff!) We cut some aloe leaves and I”ve been putting that on as well as pure aloe I’ve had from the store and its fading into a nice tan.  But now I look funny lol!  I love the healing powers of aloe!  I love Arizona!  I’m just in a really good mood today.  Picked about 50 oranges and 50 grapefruit from their house too.  We have citrus coming out the ears!

So coasting through the week, doing things to the trailer and house cleaning as usual.  Waiting until sunday…SUNDAY=FUNDAY!




One response

5 03 2009

you’re lucky we had 72 degree weather today, otherwise i would’ve knocked you around for leaving such a comment about your BEAUTIFUL weather!! 🙂

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