Our apartment’s in trouble

5 03 2009

There have been a lot of rumors floating around our apartment complex about all of our living situations and what is becoming of it.  Apparently, our owners have to foreclose and are selling to another owner.  I even got a note on my door from the city of glendale that if our landlord does not pay all of our water bills, that our water will be shut off on 3/27/09.  Water is part of our rent!  What have they been doing with all of our money?  I’ve heard anything from our contracts/leases will be broken and they (the new owners) can raise the rent to our rent will stay the same b/c we signed a lease for a certain amount of time.  Who knows but until I get any other notices, I will not stress about finding a place to live.    All I know is I have a package in that damn apartment office and I can’t get it b/c they are never open anymore!




One response

5 03 2009

oh no! i hope everything works out for you guys!! maybe you should start looking at prospective places to lease with in case they break their lease with you or try to increase your rates??

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