Crampons and Gaitors and Dehyrated food… oh my!

11 03 2009

The things you learn when you climb/hike huh? 

Turns out we will need Crampons and Gaitors.  I had no idea what those were until today.  They sounded like tampons to me at first lol!  They can get very complicated too. 

Crampons and basically things you put over your shoes to give you grip on ice and snow.  I got ones like these for $10 today.   They go in the instep of your shoe.  You can’t beat $10!  I was at the Arizona Hiking Shack today and the guy said he sells hundreds every year for people hiking the canyon so I’m not worried. 

etc-cramponsThey can be as compliated as these for hiking on real ice and snow, not just on our grand canyon hike, we’re talking, Mt. everest hike here. 

250px-cramponThen I also had to find gaitors.  These protect your shoes and shins from ice and snow and keep them from getting wet because really, who wants wet shoes and pants?  I hate that, I might use these babies in the winter time someday!   These are exactly the brand and what ours look like. 

gaitorPretty nifty huh?  I’m starting to get really pumped.  I got my cousin and I some breakfasts and dinners (dehydrated) to share, since she bought the stove to cook stuff on.  Here is our breakfast menu:  Huevos Rancheros one day and Denver Omelet the next.  Dinners are: Jamaican BBQ chicken and Ginger Teriyaki stir fry.  Yum.  Just bars and dried fruit/trail mix/beef jerky during the day.  Lots of water too!  One of my clients got me some freeze dried strawberries so I’ll have some different fruit with me.  I’m going to take lots of pics so don’t worry.  This is a once in a lifetime thing for me and I’m so excited!  Let’s see, oh I also got some glow sticks, 12 hour ones, one for each night.  So I’m just about ready.  Only need to get my trail mix and dried fruit, baby wipes, and maybe some gloves to keep my hands dry if I can find any, otherwise I”ll use my regular gloves. 

7 days and counting…




3 responses

11 03 2009

What’s the weather supposed to be like during your hike? Well, maybe not the weather but the temperatures…

What an exciting adventure!

11 03 2009

Its snowing and icy on the south rim but about 1-1/2 miles down that will be gone. 60’s to 70’s most of the hike, especially as we get farthur down the mountain and such. We cannot go all the way to the N rim b/c its closed right now b/c of winter. So the first day is S rim down and across to our campsite. 2nd day is up the N rim as far as we can go and then hiking small trails for fun. Third day is hiking all the way back to the S rim and up. So should be fun and mostly nice weather.

15 03 2009

wow there is a lot of stuff you have to get for preparation…i am so excited for you!! i can’t wait to see all of your pictures and hear all about your new experiences!!

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