Luck O’ the Irish?

17 03 2009

stpatI hope everyone (who reads this) is wearing green today!  Happy St. Pat’s Day!  I will be serving lots of this green beverage tonight and I wish it was me on the other end.  I love this holiday!  Especially back in Manhattan, but they already had their big day. 

Grand Canyon update:  The cousin and I did a test hike sunday on the south mountain road, not a trail, which was 6 miles up and 6 miles down, and we made it 1.5 miles before we had to turn around because…she has bronchitis!  How lucky am I?  Yes, and still doing this hike.  If 3 miles is hard, how is about 50+???  I love her to death and she is my tent partner!  I’ll be sleeping head to feet in order to not get sick and also wearing earplugs so I can get a good night’s sleep.  I’m not backing out of this trip at all and neither is she, such a trooper.  If anything, the second day is only about 7 miles to our next campsite and then its a day when anyone can do fun/random trails and she can sleep/rest that day.  Hell, I might want to also.  I’ve also added to my packing list some icy hot patches which I can wear on my upperback and neck area, this pack really pulls and weighs you down sometimes.  I can’t wait to say that I walked in and out of the grand canyon myself, not on a mule and I carried everything with me.  Upon my return trip I will have some of these waiting for me as a late St. Patty’s Day celebration:

irishcarbomb05_Yes a good ole’ Irish Car Bomb a.k.a. alcoholic chocolate milk…yum!  And no, it does not have 750 calories in it boneheads lol.  Some people think that.  One WHOLE can of guiness is 125 calories, your average shot is 100 calories, you do the math.  I’ll be packing my pack completely this week so I’ll let you know how everything fits and post a pic of how funny I will look. 

In 4wheeling news: Joey and I went riding on Friday and I’ve finally learned how to turn properly…lol.  Yeah, I said turn.  Apparently I was only trying to push the steering wheel from one side and not realize I needed to pull back on the other handle bar to turn and have more control…maybe that was a blonde thing.  But it definately helps when going up hills.  We found a new area to ride out by Lake Pleasant and it was huge, so huge that we got lost!  We decided at 3 to head back to the truck to get ready to go…we got back at 4.  Again, unlucky?  I got my first flat tire Sunday, yet unlucky again huh?  Joey found this cool place 45 minutes away to ride at and 5 or so minutes onto our first trail, I was riding my raptor 350 and it felt like I ran over a big rock, but apparently it was something that made my tire flat.  The rear, larger one too.  The whole is the size of Joey’s finger.  So we picked up a flat repair kit and green Slime to put on the inside of all of our tires and see where that goes.  We might be buying a new tire and using this fixed one as a spare.  Yeah for me ~ but at least we got to go on a sunday drive. 

Ok folks, off to train some clients and then go jogging.  Still keeping up for the GC!  Have good luck today and hopefully mine will turn around too!




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18 03 2009

mmmm guinness…my favorite!! i can’t wait to come to az and go out and have a good beer with you…it’s been TOO LONG!! love you!!

good luck on your hike tomorrow. i love you and i hope everything goes wonderfully!!

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