Grand Canyon Weather

19 03 2009

The weather is supposed to be so great that I can wear capris the first two days!  The third forecasts snow so longer pants for day 3.  Yeah!

Friday forecast:
Mostly cloudy, Windy 10-15mph Gusts up to 30 mph
South Rim tomorrow-67/?  (starting point)
Phantom Ranch (bottom) tomorrow-86/50 (ending point for day 1)
Saturday forecast:
Partly cloudy
 Phantom Ranch (bottom)-84/51 (we’re staying there and exploring places)
Sunday forecast:
50% chance of snow and rain showers-breezy
Phantom Ranch (bottom)-71/42
South Rim-49/20 (end of entire trip, oh joy!)

My bags are all packed and I got everything to fit with room to spare for the stove and burner in my bag.  Last minute changes, I’m going to get a camping cup and bring hot cocoa!  Mmmmmmm, hot chocolate in the middle of the grand canyon desert sleeping under the starts, be very jealous!!!  I can’t wait to come back and tell you all about it!  Wish me luck!




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