Grand Canyon will be posted soon

24 03 2009

Hi everyone.  I made it back safely with lots of fun stories to tell.  My computer has a virus so I’m at the library right now.  As soon as its fixed i will be posting pics and telling all the stories.  For right now, let’s just say I’m sore and hurting.  I have blisters on my feet, my muscles are so sore and I have  huge Knots in my shoulders, and my knees hurt, I actually limp!  But I’m alright and I feel great!  I am now part of the .03% of Americans who have hiked the grand canyon, 33 miles in 3 days to be exact, through hot sun, wind, sand storms, rain and yes, even snow!  Check back soon and thank you to everyone for the wishes for well travel!




3 responses

24 03 2009

I’m glad you had a good time & excited to see some pictures. What an amazing feat!
Congratulations on your accomplishment!

27 03 2009

did you take pictures of your feet? i really want to see if you were exaggerating on the number of blisters you had!! 🙂 love you!!

27 03 2009

No but Joey can vouch for me on that lol!

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