Grand Canyon Hike Day #1

2 04 2009

dsc022211Finally I have loaded my pics up onto our older computer and am putting some up.  It would take me too long to put them all up, but I’ll put quite a few up.  Day #1 stared at the South Kaibab Trail.  7.5 or so miles downhill to being our journey.  The temp was cold but we were down to capris and shirts in an hour.  I put a pic of my cousin Jenni and I up with the view in the background.  Its just so amazing there, you have no idea.  dsc02223dsc02227Here are some more pics of the view as well as our trail down that we still had to traverse.  It was quite a challenge with 40 pounds on my back.  We all ended up using poles, which helped, but my knees were still in pain!  dsc02228dsc02231We eventually made the 7 or so miles down, all the way to where the Colorado River is through the canyon.  I’m sure we would have liked to ride these Mules, but they may have been scary or even hurt your bum!  LOL.  After about 4-5 hours hiking down, we ate our lunches/snacks at Phantom ranch, right near bright angel campground.  Phantom Ranch is where you can rent cabins and dorms with showers and everything.  Cost some change but not as exciting as a tent huh?  dsc02236dsc02243After refueling and refilling on water we continued what we thought was only 5 more miles.  The sign said 6.4, in reality it was more like 7.5 more!  We were exhausted, wait, that does not even describe it!  So so tired by the time we got to Cottonwood campground we set up tents and ate and went to bed for about 10 hours!  No joking!  Dinner that night was Dehydrated Ginger Teriyaki Stir Fry and Sugar Free Hot Cocoa…yum!  Upon removing shoes, we all had so many blisters, toes, balls of feet, heels.  No time for that now, sleep….dsc02248




One response

8 04 2009

this look so exciting! i can’t believe how much you ended up walking on your first day!! the teriyaki stirfry sounds delicioso!!

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