Grand Canyon Hike Day #3

2 04 2009

dsc02259Sunrise on Day #2.

dsc02260It was Huevos Rancheros and more Hot Cocoa for breakfast.  Packed up early and was on the trail by 9am.  Had to patch feet up all over again, ouch!  Muscles still sore but learning to deal with it.  Was dreading last day, but turned out to be my easiest.  Knees dont hurt going up:) 

dsc02261I took pics of the view on our way up.  It was 4.5 miles until Indian Gardens, another campground and the halfway point to heading up the south rim.  Crazy squirrels there.  One got into Jenni’s trail mix and then came back, tugged on her pants for more!  Another jumped on a man, grabbed his powerbar and the guy was literally playing tug of war and swatting the squirrel with his hat to get it back!  Seriously!  But we rested for an hour at Indian Gardens and you could start to see the rain clouds of the north rim, good thing we were not camping there then!dsc02262dsc02263 But of course, not long after the clouds started heading our way, and it turned into a huge wind/sand storm and we literally had to stop numerous times just to cover our eyes!  dsc02264But yeah dsc022642for finally making it to the top.  The last 4.5 miles took 3 hours!  dsc02265It turned into rain, and then even snow!  Not enough to use our snow supplies but our jackets and ponchos!  When we got to the top, we hopped in the cars, said our goodbyes and cranked the heat on.  It felt so good to sit.  Jenni and I drove the 45 minutes to Flagstaff, to a bed and breakfast we were staying in, while the others went to eat and then drive to PHX.  When we arrived we had chips and guacamole and cheese and crackers and an Irish car bomb!  Yeah!  Then I took a long shower, I conserved for 3 days, I earned it.  Hamburgers and FF were on the Menu and it was awesome!  Sat around the fire, sang songs, talked, etc.  I fell asleep maybe 30 minutes after dinner and slept 10 hours!  Here are pics of my room.  dsc02269dsc02270dsc02271In the am we had eggs with veggies, bacon, and potatoes.  It was so nice to eat some real foods and relax before heading back.  We ate downtown with Jenni’s friend John and tried some Raspberry Beer and a wonderful latte at a coffee shop.  Then traveled home, to clean and greet the cat, who missed me so much!  dsc02272I was so excited for Joey to come home.  We ate dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and got to enjoy everything we both wanted.  All in all, it was a good trip, I would do it again, but not as far next time and now I am much better prepared!




2 responses

8 04 2009

the squirrels are crazy!! you remember the ones at kstate too? i remember you coming home and being all “i saw another crazy squirrel!” maybe it’s you…you and your crazy squirrel stories!! you should document all of them and make it a lifelong adventure to acquire crazy squirrel stories. 🙂

8 04 2009

I wonder if I could make any money off of crazy squirrels, the novel!?

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