Greek Pizza

8 04 2009

I made the most amazing Greek Pizza sunday and wanted to share the recipe on here with you. 

Crust: low fat bisquick mixed with garlic powder and water, enough to provide the amount of dough you wish and consistency.  Or you can choose to buy premade crust.  Spread onto baking stone (or pan).

Pizza sauce-spread onto crust

Toppings: Grilled Chicken, Roasted Red Peppers, artichoke hearts, sliced olives, sliced mushrooms, and reduced fat Feta Cheese.  (options: add onions and sausage)

Bake in oven until crust is cooked and ingredients are heated through. 

Its delicious and you’d never know there was hardly any cheese on it!  Enjoy!




3 responses

9 04 2009

mmm this sounds delicous! i am actually making greek pizza tonight; who knew?! however next time i will definitely be making my own crust…yum!!

28 10 2010
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24 01 2011
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