Soy Sauce Alternative

8 04 2009

braggMy client gave me this soy sauce alternative the other day and I will be making a shrimp stir fry Friday to try it out.  It comes with a spray top to even limit the amount you use.  Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein your body uses.  Lack of amino acids makes it hard for our body to use the vitamins we consume.  So this is definately a bonus, along with less sodium consumption.  No table salt or preservatives are added to this product.  The salt you taste in this is naturally occurring from the soybeans from which is it made!  Its even okay for those on a low sodium diet.  I’ll be using it and then I will let you know how it really is lol!  I typically use low sodium soy sauce, which is still so salty, but lets see if I enjoy the taste.  This product can be found in most health food stores if you are searching for it!




One response

9 04 2009

i haven’t heard about this before so let me know how it goes!!

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