Bigger, Stronger, Faster

9 04 2009

movieI got this movie from my blockbuster online queue yesterday and I loved it.  Its a documentary, so for those of you who don’t like those type of movies you may not like this.  It basically follows this man’s two brothers’ steroid use as well as America’s and how and why people use it.  I found it very interesting in the fact that steroid use is not even in the top 100 reasons for people going to the emergency room, its #145!  More people die from tobacco and alcohol (they are in the top 10) then steroid use, it just gets a bad rap.  It’s helped one man recover from AIDS, another has been on it for 36 years.  When people die who are on steroids, they are “assuming” its b/c of their steroid use.  When in reality, it could be other things or a combination of things.  Now, I’m not saying go out and use them or that I’m going to, but I have friends, even female, who have used it, maybe even only a month, and they are just fine, and still normal.  This movie is just a reminder of how much the media and the world put bad names and stereotypes on different products.  Let the government spend less time trying to ban steroids and more time on our economy and this war!




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20 04 2009

is it more or less the abuse of this substance steph that is so damaging to people? i know of only bad things about steroids as well, and it’s interesting to hear from a different perspective that they’re not as bad as they are cracked up to be. i’m interested to hear more about this!

20 04 2009

It is the abuse and the combination with other substances and how much/often they are used. Its really interesting how its not as bad as we hear it to be, the media sure changes perspectives on everything!

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