Dog lessons of life and my lock in story

10 04 2009

This was from a forward in an email my mom sent me, too good to not post.  States the obvious and I already do most of these!

When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.
Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.
Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy..
Take naps.
Stretch before rising.
Run, romp, and play daily.
Thrive on attention and let people touch you.
Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.
On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass.
On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.
When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body.
Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.
Be loyal.
Never pretend to be something you’re not.
If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.
When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by, and nuzzle them gently.

Just basically enjoy every day of your life as if it were the last.  Its hard to do all the time with the stress of work, sometimes school, family, money, etc.  But we can do this!  Now, On to my funny story…

I went to my apartment complex’s exercise room yesterday.  Now usually I have a hard time getting into the room, the lock is really tricky.  I’ve bent a key, Joey has broken a key in the lock, that’s how difficult.  I walk up and notice a key already broken into the lock, therefore I can just enter.  I walk in, shut the door, and proceed with my workout.  Well, it comes time to leave and I cannot get out!  I tried so hard, pushing the door beyond what it was capable of bending and nothing.  I was starting to stress out but alas, I had my phone and the apartment complex number in it!  I called and even they could not get me out.  I ended up needing a maintenance man to help me out of there!  But I finally was set free, felling a little sheepish ,but I was free!  Thought that would give you a laugh for today!

Free concert tonight at Tempe Marketplace.  Ill be seeing 10 years (who you should know) Razor and Digital Summer.  Yeah for free!




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10 04 2009

My wife had to open a special account and email address because her mother kept sending stuff every day. Not good stuff like this, either.

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