Organization 101

16 04 2009

Joey and I have decided to make our lives much more organized (and backed up if any more computer problems arise) and less cluttered.  We have purchased this:

newtech-004After having a virus and not being able to use the computer for 3 weeks, we decided it would be wise to get an external hard drive to back up all of our files, pictures, music etc.  It’s a Toshiba 400G.  I have gone through all my physical pictures this week and am going to scan and load them onto the hard drive and toss the actual pictures.  I will always have them here and it will take up less space in my house!  I will save a few, especially ones that mean a lot, like baby pics, but the rest I will have forever in computer land!

Then we got Joey this:

newtech-003An Asus netbook (160G) for his school/work.  I have taken the pic next to the coffee cup to show just how tiny this netbook is.  Joey, at this point, has a shelf full of notes on our bookshelf and it just looks cluttered.  His job this month (or however long it takes), is to type up all the notes he wants to keep, scan images, etc. and recycle the paper when he is done.  This will provide him with a guide he can take with him to school, and work in the future, to look up info when he needs it. 

Way to go for us being organized and prepared!  And then we got this for us for fun:

newtech-001An Ipod docking station/radio/clock for the bathroom to listen to tunes in the shower and while I get ready and around the house.  Sometimes you don’t always want to turn on the ole computer just to listen and this is nice, remote and all!  I also FINALLY found a camera case I like, pretty huh? 

I”ll keep you updated on how it goes loading the pics to the computer, I’m sure this project will be ongoing!  I’ll prob be posting some good ones too, so just a warning to my family!!!




2 responses

17 04 2009

I would get those pictures approved before you post them….warning to you!

20 04 2009

agreed sarah; but i guess they didn’t turn out as badly as we expected! phew!

i really think i’m going to need to get a 2nd one of these. i’m going to keep them in my firesafe box so that should anything happen to the house these are still safe. smart idea steph and welcome to the completely paperless world. 🙂

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