Chic lit authors at their greatest

29 04 2009

gib_sm_newTwo days ago I finished a book by Jennifer Weiner called “Good in Bed.”  The story entails the adventures of a woman who wants a “break” from her bf and then he proceeds to write about her in his magazine article.  From revenge to sadness, to laughter and happiness this book was one I could not put down and was eager for the good girl to get out on top.  But they do not always and lessons must be learned, hardships taken upon, and mountains are climbed.  A good book to lift you up to another level and state of mind.  Definately changes your perspective on life. 

Red book.That book was over and I really have been dying to start a new series of books I got by Emily Giffin.  The first is called “Something borrowed.”  It tells the tale of Rachel, who has been best friends for over 20 years with Darcy, the “better” friend who has always been on top, always has to win.  Darcy is engaged to Dex, Rachel’s law school best friend and on the night of Rachel’s 30th birthday bash, that Darcy threw, Rachel ends up sleeping with Dex.  Little do they know, they fall in love.  The tales of friendship, laughter, frustration, and pain will want you to see your best friend.  Love gets you in this one.  Read in one day, could not put down.  I’m on to the next book, “Something Blue.”




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1 05 2009

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Rena and Ginger

6 05 2009

oh i’m going to have to add these to my summer list. 🙂 i can’t wait to read these; they sound great!!

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