Eating clean is no easy feat!

9 05 2009

In my line of work, and with my experience in training and competeting, I find it a pleasure to help people with their diet and nutrition plans.  After all, the way you eat greatly affects the way you look, even more so then exercising.  Look at it this way, you will more likely see those abs if you choose to eat oatmeal and eggs for breakfast than a muffin (which, coincidentally, might give you a muffin top, lol-please I’ve had 5 hours of sleep and just got a venti skinny latte, waiting to kick in).  But I run into trouble when trying to help my male clients.  Do I give them just larger portions of what my females eat?  How much MORE protein do they really need?  How much fat?  Do they eat 8 times a day? 

Those questions are always on my mind, although I fair pretty well when giving men diets, I have a male client who has lost 20 pounds since December!  Tosca Reno has helped millions of women already with her best selling book, The eat-clean diet for women.  store_eatcleandietI bought this book as soon as it came out in 2007 and read it cover to cover and it does change you!  I let someone borrow it and alas, they lost it, so if anyone feels the urge to buy me one feel free!  Tosca explains in details about the protein, carb, and fat needs of women.  It’s basically a bible on how you should eat every day of your life. 

This month, with the collaboration of her husband, Robert Kennedy, editor of Oxygen magazine, they came out with the Eat clean diet for men!  menYeah!  I just purchased it off ebay this morning and can’t wait to rip into it.  Not only will it help with my male clients, but my confidence will increase in that area as well as my knowledge to provide fat loss and muscle gain for men (including joey).  With 60 recipes to boot, I’m sure it can help any male looking to just eat healthier and lead a better lifestyle. 

A couple of other books I hope to get this year too are Tosca’s Eat clean Diet cookbook: store_cookbook


And her book about eating clean with family and raising healthy kids: store_ecdkids


All are VERY useful books I recommend to EVERYONE!  Just keep taking what you eat one day at a time and try to eat clean, whole foods, no processed.  I find it help to keep a food journal to be held more accountable.  I love for my clients to keep one for me to check on them.  Maybe you would think twice about eating that bowl of ice cream if I had to see it huh?




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10 05 2009

i’m going to add these books to our wedding registry; they look great!!

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