another violation

18 05 2009

Our LOCKED trailer and LOCKED quads were stolen last night. 

I feel so violated again!  I know these will never be found and we did not get GAP on them 😦  Get ready for our insurance to go up again!  USAA loves me right now.  Filed the police report, insurance report, and report with our apartments (do not live in coves at newport, 24 hour security my ass).  So many things get stolen in AZ its ridiculous.  How can you have nice things anymore?  I’m trying to remind myself its only material and it does not matter that much, but it does right now.  I will still owe on something I do not even have, can not even enjoy!  And we just changed the oil too (laugh now but its the principle).  But Joey is livid, he’s about ready to get a gun too.  That is so close to even being in our apartment.  How did no one hear that?  This world can be sad and mean and I sometimes can’t wait until I get to someplace better, where no one steals, lies, cheats, etc.  I deserve more than what I have been getting in life lately.  I have family and friends that love me and I keep that in mind, its just rough sometimes.




One response

21 05 2009

keep me posted on how this ends. i want to know how your insurance company is going to handle this. love you and have fun on vaca!!

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