i get so emotional baby…

28 05 2009

That Whitney Houston song just came to my head when thinking about this post.  I’ve been really emotional lately, not sure what it is or maybe it’s a point in my life that I’m just supposed to deal with.  I get happy, sad, excited, nervous. 

I got off the plane on Tuesday and just felt sad, and I know I miss home and my family, but more than usual.  I got to the apartment and Joey showed me a package I got.  His mom got me the “Eat Clean Diet Cookbook” that I wanted and I just started crying.  (Thank you mom) I mean, it went on for about an hour.  I REALLY miss home.  I have this feeling of sadness, but not depression.  At least now Joey and are are mutual on the feeling that now we both really don’t want to live in AZ anymore.  Its TOO warm and although I have lots of friends, I have not had the greatest time here.  I’m glad I have Joey throughout this experience to guide me. 

In dealing with that, I am looking for job in SanAntonio and am activily pursuing a job as a Kinesiology Instructor at SanAntonio College that just opened and starts in the Fall semester.  (As well as other jobs) I know it’s not Joey’s first choice in place to live, but he wants me to be happy and since visiting there, he does not think it’s so bad.  My family is there, he has family moving there in a few months, so I think it will be a great location for us.  I just keep having this feeling too that I’m being selfish in asking for us to move there.  I know my parents might not be there forever, as well as my sister and his family, but I like Texas, I’ve always been happy there, I don’t know what it is, maybe family memories? 

It feels good for me to get this off my chest so any response from anyone would be great.  Joey makes me so happy and that’s what really matters, wherever we are.  I was even told this week that I look healthier (hair and all) from being happier (thanks mom!).  I just want to make sure we make the right choices in life.




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28 05 2009

I know what you mean. I felt like that when you moved away and we didn’t have you anymore! If I get a job here that I like, I will stay, if not, I will try Maryland. If all else fails im joining the Air Force!! haha

1 06 2009

oh my goodness i remember feeling this way. and honestly steph, it’s why i won’t ever leave kansas city. even if my mom up and moved to florida (which she’s threatened a few times), kansas city is my home now, and i don’t want to leave it. don’t get me wrong, i love maryland. but the part of maryland i’m from i’m not really interested in living. the only person i would want to move for is jimmy…now if he moved somewhere i might be apt to try and follow him.

i’m happy to see you and joey are coming from the same perspective now. it’s hard feeling this way alone. and i agree with your momma…i’ve never seen you so happy either. and you do look GREAT!! love you!!

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