Sizing up and acceptance

10 06 2009

Today, I went through my clothes again (I seem to do this monthly) and tossed out 8, yes 8, pairs of jeans.  You know the ones…you hold on to them “hoping” you will fit into them again someday.  Well let me tell you, that someday has been a few years away at this point and it’s time to let go.  I’m sad that I had to get rid of them b/c I know how hard it is to find jeans and I hate the money factor.  This winter, I will find a couple pairs that I am comfortable with to join the ranks of my good ones that I still have.  

As much as I wish I did fit into them, I am comfortable with myself.  Not a comfortable as in accept that I’ve gained weight, but a comfortable with the way I look and how I feel.  Even though I do not fit into a size 3/4 anymore, my body has more muscle and looks better than ever!   I still can wear size small in most things, I should be happy for that.  As I become more accepting, I think I feel and look happier, and that shows in my work as well.  My clients will be happy where they are comfortable when they have a model of inspiration to guide them!  🙂   My body takes me where I want it to, it hikes, it lifts weights, it runs, it plays and its happy!  Too bad these feelings were not there years ago at that age when most struggle for this acceptance of themselves.  I will now just do my best to pass this on and teach my kids the same.  Your body grows into what it should and what it’s made to do, keep it strong and healthy and you will be strong and healthy. 

It also means I get to discover new places to get clothes and shop!  LOL

PS-I will be taking all my clothes to the clothing exchange at Twice as Nice-Sarah, be jealous!




2 responses

13 06 2009

you’re going without me????

22 06 2009

i’m so proud of you. i remember so many times when you struggled with being accepting of yourself. oh steph you’re so beautiful and i’m soooo happy to see that you’ve finally REALIZED THIS!! i love you girl and am so proud of you!!

p.s. i also gave up the 2’s. 🙂

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