cofee vs. tea, which is better for you?

11 06 2009

I tend to drink my morning tea instead of my morning coffee.  Millions of other Americans have the latter.  Is tea really better for you than coffee?  In many ways I believe yes.  But coffee does have its benefits. 

First off, one is made from leaves, and one is made from beans.  Very different to begin with.  One cup of tea has half the amount of caffeine as coffee, but has a hell of  a lot more antioxidants than coffee.  Coffee has its share, but not as significant. 

However, if you are in need of a morning (or evening) pick me up, coffee will do the trick over tea.  When drinking regular black coffee (no sugar/milk), about 4 cups a day will decrease your risk for diabetes AND you may be preventing Parkinson’s Disease (according to  Some coffees may help prevents forms of cancer, due to the low concentration of some antioxidants. 

Tea can help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and ward of Osteoporosis.  It even helps your teeth, helping to prevent cavities, whereas coffee hinders your teeth.  Tea can speed up your metabolism and rev up your energy levels all the time, not just temporarily like coffee.  Tea relaxes your arteries and can lower your blood pressure and even help prevent kidney stones. 

Did you know that tea, especially green tea, has been proven to help in fat loss?  You know a little caffeine before exercise is good for you, well here this!  The antoxidants and cathecins have been know to increase metabolism and fat loss!  Basically heating up your body and allowing it to burn more calories all day!

Best teas:

Oolong, green, and white.  Even more antioxidants and less caffeine than black tea. 

So you can see coffee does have its benefits, but I’d steer more towards the tea department.  Have it hot, cold, on ice, whatever way you prefer!  Just steer away from those high sugar pre made tea drinks and go towards diet if you are out and about!




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11 06 2009
Leah Graves

steph, i miss you. i love you! you are a wealth of information about health and wellness – always have been!

22 06 2009

i really like both, but i avoid coffee because of the whole teeth staining bit. i drink herbal teas that don’t have any color to them. 🙂 i have an issue with this that i just can’t get past.

9 09 2010

Tea is Better Than Coffe
special y from


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