17 06 2009

Molly is such a trooper!  We hiked 4 miles tuesday, and she wanted to keep going.  She probably walks at least an hour and a half a day, including joey and I and then combined.  Maybe more.  She is happiest outdoors, so I can’t wait for a fenched yard where she can chill outside. 

molly 018She loves her walks, chasing lizards and just lots of love.  Her tail never stops wagging.  As you can see, the cat and her are warming up, slightly.  She was even allowed to nap with me this morning.  molly 014She has also been coming to the realization that we are not just a foster home and we are not getting rid of her, slowly she is getting more comfortable with us. 

We had a slight incident yesterday that is too funny not to post.  I went to my favorite discount grocery store, the dented can.  We put her in the very back of the hummer and I had the windows down so she could get air (stupid me).  I went into the store and could see her with her front legs over the back seat just looking for me in the store.  A few minutes later I hear the owner say, “your dog is at the door!”  Apparently she jumped over the seat and out the window to meet me and knew where I was.  But it was not fun trying to chase her down and get her back!  She can look sweet and innocent lol!  I’m sure there will be more stories to come.




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