Turning into My Dad

22 06 2009

This Fathers Day I did something my dad would’ve actually enjoyed and (wait for it) I liked it too!  I did a little historical wandering in AZ!  We drove up to Camp Verde and did a little looksy at Montezuma’s castle and well.  The castle was built by the Aztec’s in the 1100s for him but they dont think he ever actually lived there. 

montezuma 004The well is actually collapsed caverns and goes 55 ft deep, 363 ft across and is fed warm water daily by4 underground vents!  Cool huh?  montezuma 013There are some species that live in this well that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet! 

We continued on to Jerome, AZ.  This town was formed in the 1850s and was a huge copper mining town, producting 3 million pounds per month!  It sits on a hill and over the years, some houses have shifted and moved.  All the stores are along this hill and weave back and forth, its such a cool town.  Here is a pic from a coffee shop and you can see some stores below, and there are more on roads below those!  montezuma 014We continued through the woods of Prescott where it was a refreshing 72 degrees (actually chilly to me) and then to Prescott, where we walked downtown to view stores and such.  Then we headed to Wickenburg and ate Mexican at Anita’s Cocina-yum!  Then to home where we could prepare for the week.  It was a nice relaxing day.  montezuma 015It was so great to just get out of town, enjoy new towns and the weather, just me, Joey and Molly.  Joey and I love these times together, w/o even spending a lot of money.  montezuma 002Molly was so tired after this trip, she slept the whole ride home!  She was a good sport and walked everywhere with us.  Our next adventure will be the Wildlife Zoo, with the new baby white tigers and the newly added aquarium!  Gotta fit these things in now don’t I?  Have a great week and remember to put family first!




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22 06 2009

what a fun trip!! jeremy and i also love these trips…it’s too bad maddie is always determined to sit on our laps and not sit anywhere else in the car. 😦

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