Flying Saucer UFO Club Member

13 07 2009

saucerI’m a new member of the Flying Saucer UFO club.  I enjoyed a few delicious beverages and added them to my card, now only 197 to go before they throw me a party worth $100 and put my name on the wall!  I hope to find out today how frequent I will be using my card.  And Jeni, there is one in KC, so we WILL be going there for a get together!  Nothing like a refreshing brew to end your hard day. 

The Lord now has my path in his hands, whatever he decides my fate will be is what I’m supposed to do.




2 responses

13 07 2009

I love your passage at the bottom!! And yes we will surely have to go to the flying saucer when you come into town!! love you!!

20 07 2009

you’re welcome for bringing you there!!!

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