My new job

14 07 2009

Last Friday I was flown to SanAntonio to interview for the position of Wellness Director for a new YMCA.  I was one of 3 finalists; they were not even planning to hire out of state!  Yesterday, I was informed I got the job!  I am thrilled to be making more of a difference with my career and skills that I have learned over the years.  I’ll be working in and out of the gym, with the community, children and adults doing all kinds of activities.  I’m excited and also eager to share my journey with you as I transition into a new chapter in my life. 

The hard part now is letting my clients know.  I have informed the majority of them and am working on transitioning them with new trainers.  Let me tell you, it’s quite the feeling of jealousy seeing your clients move on. 

I’ve already shed a few tears knowing I will have to leave Joey, even though its only 6-7 weeks.  This will be the longest time apart ever.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and it will.  At least I can make my transition with ease and help his be easier as well, as it is my job to hunt for a place to live! 

I look forward to sharing with you and yeah!!




6 responses

14 07 2009

I was reading through your blog and noticed you were interviewing for a director at a YMCA. How did that go?
I work with a YMCA in northern california and I love the partnership-like situation we have. YMCA is a great organization…hopefully it went well.

17 07 2009

picture me doing the happy dance! happy happy happy dance!! 🙂

i’m so excited for you (and for myself, as you’ll live closer!). hey! maybe we can meet in oklahoma and have a girly weekend!!

20 07 2009

you’ll have me!!!

21 07 2009

This is awesome!! Congratulations!

21 07 2009

Little late to this party but congrats Steph!!!!

23 07 2009

woah!!! totally expected that you’d get the job, serious talent 🙂 CONGRATS! I wanna girly weekend 🙂

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