Saying goodbye

23 07 2009

Goodbyes are so hard to do.  Maybe it’s because you know most of the people you say goodbye to, most likely you will not see again.  It’s amazing that in less than 2 years I have made some of the most meaningful friendships I’ve ever had.  Arizona houses some very mature and strong females who I am proud to call my friends.  I’ve been through so much during my time here and they have stood strong by my side, given me words of wisdom and encouragment that have lifted me to a better place. 

Now I come to a new chapter in my life; tomorrow I drive to Texas to start my new job at the YMCA.  This is a step in life and now a growth in my career as well.  I have to say goodbye to Joey and Molly for two months.  They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but when you have found that one person that finally makes you feel happy and comforable, its a sad realization and two months seems like forever.  Fortunatley, I will be busy with work and finding a place to live. 


I have been put “on assignment” by Jeni Friend to take a picture of the first thing that reminds me of “big texas” or rather “everythings bigger in texas.”  I’m going to have a blast with this one!  I also added an extra of my own, I want to find the first thing that makes me feel like i’m in Texas, feelings of home to me.  I’ll be posting my results, so it should be fun. 

Goodbye to this chapter, hello to my new one!




3 responses

23 07 2009

Looking forward to the results of your assignment – fun stuff! 🙂

24 07 2009

don’t forget about the picture of what reminds you of arizona!

you are in a better place for all of the amazing people you’ve met. they’ve given you strength to move onward in your journey and find new adventures in texas. i can’t imagine being away from jeremy for two months – i’ll be praying for your sanity and a soothed heart during your guys’ time apart. 🙂 love you!!

27 07 2009
Sharon Forrester

Hope everything is going well. Have been thinkink of you and your new adventure. Can’t wait to see your updates. I have a new killer healthy recipe for lettuce wraps. Ground turkey, peas and Indian spices. Send me an email and I will give it to you.

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