My crazy trip to texas

28 07 2009

It was pretty hard to just say goodbye to Molly so when I drove away from the house knowing I still had to say bye to Joey, I was crying already.  The cat even looked out the window at him as we drove away, but I had to keep thinking that this is a good reason and I will see him again.  Right as we started the cat must have been nervous and pooed in the box.  Fortunately, she is great at covering up her messes.  We started to turn the corner where the 17 connects to the 10 and she must have been car sick b/c (get this) she ran to the litter box and barfed in it!  She actually had the decency to make the box!  Go carmen!

About ten minutes later I started noticing signs that read “crash 60 miles ahead, highway closed” but still had to drive.  Then a sign said “14 minutes away” and at that moment the highway stopped.  for 3 hours I sat around in my car.  I did not even make it to Tucson yet, still an hour away and I was stopped with no where to go.  Turns out a semi caught on fire and had aerosol cans in it.  the wife was driving, she died instantly and the husband who was sleeping in the back was in critical condition.  I said my prayers. 

Just when you would think I would be free from AZ troubles I see clouds and lightning.  I hate thunderstorms when I’m not in the comfort of my house.  well I ended up closer to the cloud and it was pouring and hailing.  I had to pull over b/c I could not see one foot in front of me!  I was shaking b/c I was so scared someone would not see me and hit me.  But it slowed slightly and I made it away from the cloud, b/c that’s all it was was a cloud!

Alas, I stopped in El Paso and did not make it as far as I would’ve liked.  Stayed in a hotel where the AC got so cold at night the cat slept under the covers right next to me.  Got up at 4am b/c I could not sleep good and got going.  One hour from SA I had to pull over b/c I was so tired, just to rest my eyes.  But I made it, and unpacked and ended up napping instead of going to my meeting and then unpacking the rest and sleeping again. 

That sleep is already lacking as I have so much organizing to do at work.  It’s going to be fun but the people before me had no leadership or organizing skills and liked to do things the paper way (grr).  But to cheer me up I bought a nice fake flower plant for my office, a reed diffuser, some frames to put pics in, and a cool candy dish.  I’ll be hanging my degrees soon. 

With that being said for now I’m going to eat dinner.  I have to pack my bags already for tomorrow and get ready for bed soon.




One response

6 08 2009

do you remember when we got stuck in the pseud-tornado outside of topeka??!! was it like that?! that’s frightening!! i’m glad you got to tx safe and sound, are loving your job, and are HAPPY. i can’t wait for you to see joey again and him to get to you…i miss him for you!! 🙂

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