Shopping for work/Body Pump and other launches

2 08 2009

Now that I’m working at the YMCA, I need to present myself to other people and attend meeting and look…well, professional.  That means no more workout clothes to work!  I think I have quite a base at home, but needed some new additions.  I think I did very well with what I have shopped for this weekend.  Here is what I have acquired:

1 pair dressier khaki capris with belt

1 pair of white capris with belt

1 black skirt with belt

short sleeved grey jacket

1 pair of brown casual/dress shoes

1 pair of white/grey snakeskin dress shoes

1 pink tank top

1 yellow henley short sleeved

1 white cardigan

1 hot pink/white scarf with fringe

1 light blue short sleeved belted top

1 purple/black plaid tie belted top

1 green blouse top

Grand total:  $217

Not bad in my book, and I’m stylin’ with the best of them.  AND I got $20 in Kohls cash to use next week! 

Still learning my way around here, not that I did not know, but there are so many ways to get to so many places and its grown so much.  But I’m loving being here and loving my job, just missing Joey.  Time seems to go fast with all the projects I’m doing and have already done. 

This past weekend we did a Les Mills Body Pump launch at our YMCA and had two launch classes that had full sign ups and full attendance.  Its an awesome choreographed workout to weights and great music.  We are starting these classes tomorrow at our location and all the others in the Greater San Antonio area as well.  I just have to keep things interesting and make people want to join our gym as well as help our community.  I’m doing a Pilates Reformer demo this saturday to try to bring more members into the pilates room and make a profit off of those beds.  We will see how well that goes too. 

Time to read my book and relax for the night.  I hope to get to update once during the week.  If not, next weekend.




One response

6 08 2009

you know i’m a visual person; could you model these for your readers perhaps? 🙂 love you!!

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