The End of a Series

5 08 2009

After a year, I have finally finished the Left Behind series; 12 books depicting what happens during the rapture, when Jesus takes his believers, what happens during the seven year tribulation period up until he finally returns for his final judgements.  I’m glad I read it all, despite the couple of books that were slow that made me want to stop. 

leftI recommend this book(s) to anyone who wants to renew their faith or just learn more about the Bible and what He fortells in a more interesting way. 

Next on the bedside table…The Shack




4 responses

5 08 2009
Jim Thornber

I recommend reading the Shack with an open mind and heart. Don’t try to take it apart theologically, which you’ll be tempted to do. Just enjoy the story and allow the scenes that move you to move you, then ask God why they affected you. And enjoy.



6 08 2009

i wanna hear more; get deeper with me!! spill your faithful guts, lady! i wanna hear how these affected you!!

8 08 2009
Marie Riley

I read all of them, got to the very last one and found it so boring that I stopped halfway through. What did you think of the books?

8 08 2009

I would have written more, but I typed a long blog and went to post and had to relog in so I lost it all 😦

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